No carts today

Due to the heavy rain last night carts will not be allowed today. More showers are expected throughout the day.

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Another one leaves the nest….

I am proud to announce that another Assistant Superintendent has moved up and on into the turf industry.  Alex Martin, Assistant Superintendent is now the Golf Course Superintendent at Fresh Pond Golf Course in Cambridge.  Alex started out with us as an Assistant in Training 5 seasons ago.  He quickly moved up to the 2nd Assistant Position and two years ago became an Assistant Superintendent.  Alex has been an intricate part of the operations here at Blue Hill CC and we wish him the best of luck.

Chris Cyr, Assistant Superintendent which has been sharing in the duties of Assistants with Alex for the last two season will now be the Senior Assistant Superintendent.  Chris has a outstanding passion for his job and will be a great leader!  Most of you probably know his dog Molly.  Molly is the queen of the course and has been a great addition to our team.  Scott Lynch or irrigation and spray tech will now hold the role of 2nd Assistant.   We will now begin our search for a new Assistant in Training that will hopefully become a 2nd Assistant.

This position is a very unique opportunity for someone.  The nine hole challenger course has been a huge bonus in training new assistants.  The position will work with the other Assistant Superintendents in operating the Championship Course and will have the opportunity to oversee the challenger course.  This will include all fertilizing, spraying and management of a part time crew.  The candidate will have the opportunity to make it their own and take on as much responsibility as they can endure.

The position is now advertised on Turfnet and will be on the GCSAA website soon.




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Pictures say it all!



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Cart restrictions tomorrow

The course has received well over an inch of rain today and it’s still coming down. There is a very good chance that golf carts will not be allowed tomorrow. Call the Pro Shop in the morning for details.

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New putting green update

Unfortunately, after months of hard work the new putting green was vandalized last night.  A car drove down the access road to the area and ripped up the turf. The police have been notified. This will obviously delay the opening of the putting green well into next season. 


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Cart Paths only today

Due to the heavy rainfall we will have carts on the paths only today. Please keep the carts in the roughs on holes 6, 14 and 15 that do not have paths. Thank you. 

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Photo credit – Assistant Superintendent, Chris Cyr

Chris captured this picture of the 6th hole as we prepared the golf course for the Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England yesterday. 


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