Last piece of tree work complete

The right side of the 14th hole was thinned out yesterday. This project was very similar to the work we did on the 3rd hole a few years ago.

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Fair for all!

Finally, it is fair for all players now on the 15th hole. The right side of the hole from the tee to the fairway bunker was riddled with overgrown trees inhibiting anyone that played a draw. The large white pine on the corner of the dogleg still remains as an obstacle for those heavy hitters that try and cut the corner.


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An exciting year ahead!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017 at Blue Hill Country Club! The Greens and Grounds staff are very excited to get this season started and we have a lot of exciting projects planned this year.

This winter has been great so far and the lack of snow has allowed us to accomplish a large amount of tree work throughout the golf course. The areas that were targeted were not only for turf health but are areas that were notorious for extending frost delays and dropping large amounts of debris on the course during the winter months. The areas continually caused us to dedicate hundreds of man hours in the spring cleaning thus delaying the opening of the course. Some of the areas are quite dramatic but have opened up beautiful views as well as revealed the wonderful topography of the property. Many of the areas will become naturalized fescue areas adding another layer of beauty and texture to the golf course. Here are some examples below:




We will be completing many other projects on the course this season as well. First, the crumbling cart path adjacent to the 11th green and returning to the beginning of the 12th fairway will be replaced.
Next, we will leveling the gold and white tee on the 6th hole. This tee was poorly constructed during the 2003 master plan renovations and is long overdue. The bentgrass sod we are able to salvage from the tee surface will be used help complete a project on the 7th hole. Two season ago, we renovated two of the bunkers on the 7th green but were not able to complete the third. This bunker will be renovated and the fairway/approach area will encompass the bunker as shown in the plan below.


We will also be renovating the bunker face on the right bunker on the 16th green. This bunker face has been degrading for several years. The slope of the bunker face will be constructed to be more member friendly while still retaining the original integrity of its design.
Finally, we will be doing a large renovation on the 2nd hole. The middle greenside bunker will be removed and the fairway will be extended, creating an approach into the green. The middle bunker has been problematic for years. It continually washed out during rain storms, does not drain properly and the bunker face has deteriorated severely. As you can see in the plan below the back left bunker will be renovated and a collection area will be added on the back right portion of the green.


Also, last fall you also may have noticed the edge of the fairways were marked with paint. These lines identify the new edges of the fairways and made it easier for the equipment operators to see. The fairway lines will be pushed closer to the fairway bunkers as they were originally intended under the Master Plan of Ron Pritchard. This will create a great classic look to the property and really enhance the fairway bunkers.




That’s all for now and we look forward to seeing everyone around the club very soon!

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Let’s start the season off right!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017. As we continue progressing towards spring, I would like to have everyone start thinking about golf etiquette. Last season, we noticed an increase in ball marks, divots and foot prints in bunkers. Director of Golf, Ian Kelley and myself plan to continually educate both long-standing members and new members in golf etiquette and how it affects the entire membership. Stay tuned for some fun videos this season on what you can do to help everyone have a great experience at the club.

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First snow storm of the year humor! Stay safe!


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Winter Rules

Dear Members,

So far we have been fortunate enough not to have any substantial snowfall. This is allowing for some winter golf. Please remember that all the putting greens and practice areas are closed. Only the challenger course can be utilized. The grass range tees are also closed and if anyone is interested in warming up they should only use the range field to hit balls. Also, please remember that push carts are available and are located near the ladies locker room entrance. All carts should be returned to this area after use.

Thank you.

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Maintenance facility upgrades

This season Concert Golf Partners made significant improvements to Blue Hill Country Club. The driving range and the short game area were completely renovated, the 6th challenger was transformed into an incredible par 3, the 27 year old Underground Gas tank was removed and a new Above Ground Tank was installed and a fertilizer storage building was added. One of the things that you may not be aware of were the upgrades to the maintenance area. The 1950’s metal barn that was being used as the office and break room facility was torn down. A new modular office building was installed in it’s place. The building now has two offices and enough room for the entire staff to eat their lunch. Organization is the key to success in golf course maintenance operations and we now have an acceptable area to have morning staff meetings.





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